Alice out of Wonderland

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Alice has left Wonderland & cant find her way back.

Hop on Board the Rathwood Express Train with Alice &  find the Mad-hatter.

Visit Goose Island and feed Rathwood's Famous Geese.

 Try to avoid the grumpy Queen of Hearts, who is MAD at Alice for leaving wonderland.

Each Child will enjoy a Yummy Tea Party, with a selection of Sandwiches & Delicious bite size desserts.

Duration: 50 Min

Recommended Age: 9 and Under.

Running 2nd January - 28th of January

Book is essential to secure your place. We have limited space on the train.

€10 per Child & €6 per Adult.



The Maze of Ireland

  • The Maze is planted in the shape of Ireland
  • Each county is built to scale and has a marker to indicate the county town and river flowing through it
  • The Rathwood Maze of Ireland will be open again in the Summer Months

Rathwood Map

Rathwood Forest map

Fox's park Walk & orienteering

Take a short stroll to the lake to feed the ducks and geese, or explore the looped 'Molloy Walk'.

The Rathwood Forest Walks are very easy trails, suitable for walkers of all ages and abilities.

The woodland walks expand over 4km and benches are placed at regular intervals so you can have a rest or simply absorb the tranquility fo the forest.

The woodlands at Rathwood have a rich variety of native trees and flora, as well as wildlife. Deer, mink, rabbits, foxes, pheasants and dragonflies are some of residents and regular visitors to the Rathwood Forest. The Forest Walks are an ideal activity for families that enjoy nature, the outdoors and a bit of fresh air.

The walk trail to the lake is wheelchair accessible.