Rathwood ice train

Seize the moment during the holidays and join the brave Princess for an epic journey on board the Ice Train as she searches the depths of the Enchanted Forest for her lost sister, the Snow Queen. There’s mirth and magic at every turn, from the Prince snoozing in the woodland barn to the mystical trolls and the lovable snowman who will sing and entertain. Onwards to Goose Island, where the Ice Train will lead you to a spell bound bridge where Prancer the Reindeer leaps to the Snow Queen’s rescue. Rounding off the adventure, there will be a grand tea party in the Snowflake Hall where all the best-loved characters from the Ice Train gather to celebrate the Snow Queen’s safe return.

Snowflake cup-cakes


Bookings essential. 28 th , 29 th & 30 th of December 2016 and 2 nd – 9 th January 2017.

€8 Child; €5 Adult.